Brewster by the Sea’s Afternoon in Chatham, MA

by Elizabeth Newcomer, Innkeeper

A free afternoon on the weekend is a treasured thing to an innkeeper, especially a new innkeeper living on Cape Cod with a desire to explore! This past Sunday, I made the 30 minute drive to Chatham for a great afternoon and enjoyed both the beach and the shops in town.

My first stop was at the Chatham Lighthouse, often referred to as Chatham Light. There is free 30 minute parking across from the lighthouse and wow, the views of the ocean are breathtaking!

View of the Ocean from The Light

View of the Ocean from The Light

Directly across the street from the ocean views is the Chatham Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station. Tours of the lighthouse take place fairly regularly May through October and are free admission.

Chatham Lighthouse

Chatham Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station

Chatham Beach is also the site of the Rescue of Pendleton, a story of extreme bravery and courage by a Coast Guard small boat crew rescuing the crewman of the tanker Pendleton which was split in two by a terrible nor’easter in 1952. Disney and Hollywood recently released a movie based on this historic event called The Finest Hours starring Chris Pine as BM1 Bernard Webber. I haven’t seen the movie yet but it is definitely on my “to watch” list as I love traditional rescue dramas.

Rescue of Pendleton

After my stop at the beach, I headed back to Main Street, found street parking and walked up and down, popping into the shops along the way. Some of the highlights were: Chatham Candy Manor (I’ve got a sweet tooth!) and The Mayflower Shop. I will definitely be making a few trips back to try out some of the restaurants, these three caught my eye: The Chatham Squire, Impudent Oyster and Pisces. That Chatham Squire has Trivia Night every Thursday from 7:00 – 9:00 PM – sounds fun!

Here’s a trivia question for the history buffs out there: Where did the pilgrims first land in 1620?

Stay tuned for the answer in the next post: 5 Best Places Near Brewster by the Sea to Enjoy Nature!

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