Art at the Inn

by Donna Cain


We are moving our personal quarters over to the Captain Freeman and making way for a new innkeeper at Brewster by the Sea ( we are very excited to have a new full time innkeeper as part of our team).  In preparation for that move, we have been walking around the inn deciding which pieces will hang in our new private quarters. We were both amazed  with the memories of each piece. Some were given to us by guests, some were family pieces and others are on loan from talented local artists. I thought it would be fun to share a little of our “art” “history” with you.

IMG_2699This handsome Pelican was given to us by Sally and Alex Bedrosian. They were one of our first guests that stayed with us, and we were taken with their warmth, friendship and incredible life stories that took them around the world. They had collected many art pieces during their travels and gave us several pieces when they down sized their home. I have always been intrigued with Pelicans and while we do not have any here on Cape Cod, this fun loving guy will always be close. The painting was done in a wood cuts technique by George Speck.


This picture was given to us when we first purchased Brewster by the Sea by a woman that use to live in the Refugio Suite. She had heard that Byron was from Wyoming and thought this American Flag would be perfect in our home.  It has 44 stars C.1890 when Wyoming joined the Union. We never had the opportunity to formally meet her but have so appreciated this thoughtful gift.

IMG_2736This joyful picture of our lovable Harrison is in the Refugio Suite. Byron was able to capture an afternoon run on the beach when all four feet are off the ground. He was a young man in this picture but he still loves to chase the seagulls when we walk the beach.


IMG_2737This picture holds a warm place in my heart as my Dad purchased this picture from a neighbor when I was growing up. His name to me was Mr. Schuster, and he was an astounding artist that created beautiful works of art from small pieces of wood. He had a large assortment of wood pieces in his garage and each type of wood created different colors in his art. My father so respected his talent that he bought three pieces that day to surprise my mother.

IMG_2735These two pictures are really unique. They came from my grandfather’s attic so not quite sure of their origin. They are signed Causseno. I love the old matting and think their new home will be above our new living room mantle.

IMG_2696This photograph was recently taken by Byron when we were visiting the old family cabin in Wyoming. The car carries quite a tale as Byron’s Dad purchased this “Bourgard”, a car made in Germany, when Byron was a young man. He found parts in the junk yard, painted it red and gave it to Byron and his brother Daryl to learn how to drive. It has 5 gears on the column, so imagining that was challenging for two young boys learning how to drive. It lasted many years and after it no longer ran, his Dad left it in the back of the property beside a horse shed. We were so taken with it’s “presence” that we had to include the memory in our home.

IMG_2732Modern watercolor of Black Crowned Night Herons given to us by Sally and Alex Bedrosian. Not sure of the artist’s name as it is unreadable. It fit’s perfectly in our modern Refugio Suite above the modern cherry sleigh bed.

IMG_2729I have a very dear friend that I met while we raised our family in Houston. Her name is Betty Carter and over the years she would send me personalized, original watercolor birthday cards. They were always so beautiful that I framed each one. When we purchased Brewster by the Sea all of her beautiful cards came in handy and grace many of our rooms. I love you Betty!

IMG_2713This picture holds a special place in our hearts as the print was given to us by a guest that celebrated their 50th anniversary with us many years ago. Barry Hanshaw is a retired doctor that has become an acclaimed watercolor artist. He and his wife Chris are very dear people, and we feel very blessed to have them be a part of our Brewster by the Sea family.

IMG_2714“Good Morning” watercolor by local artist, Karen North Wells is in our Emerson room. Her pictures grace both of our inns, and we just love her colorful, Cape Cod themes. Karen is a “colorful” person as well, and everyone in Brewster loves that a successful and talented artist lives in our community but also that SHE is such an important part of our community. Karen walks every morning past the Freeman and always has a smile on her face.

IMG_2715Karen is known for her paintings of the many historic buildings in town, including this one that she painted of the Unitarian Church in the center of our Brewster village. She titled it “Church of the Sea Captains”.

IMG_2708Byron took this shot of Provincetown Harbor many years ago. We both always loved the reflections that he was able to capture that day. The picture looks so perfect in our main gathering room that I am guessing this picture will not be moved.



When we purchased Brewster by the Sea 12 years ago we had two family dogs, Blackie and Honey. We loved these dogs so much and raised them with our children in Houston. They were not too thrilled with our inn keeping careers as they were not too social as older dogs but they both enjoyed many years on Cape Cod and passed away when they were both 15. A dear guest, June Malco, surprised us with this oil painting of our dear family pets. She captured both of their personalities, and we will forever be grateful to her for this cherished gift.


I purchased this photograph when I worked at Danish Inspirations in Houston. My former boss, Jan Christiansen had found this wonderful photographer that waited to publish his pictures until he could find the perfect quote to go underneath each picture. This one says “Lover’s don’t finally meet. They’re in each other all along. by Rumi” I gave this picture to Byron for Valentine’s day many years ago. It will always hang in our bedroom:) Thanks Jan for finding such a cherished picture.


We have several prints by local artist Peter Richenberg. Peter’s favorite subject is boats and this one is titled ” Cat Boat” Just love the soft reflective colors in Peter’s work.

IMG_2707Another picture by Peter Richenberg, titled “Morning Solace”. This pictures graces our formal living room at Brewster by the Sea for all to enjoy.


Whimsical artist Theresa La Brecque painted this fun “A whale of a town Brewster” She painted original oils of each town with Brewster being one of our favorites. Theresa lives in New Hampshire now, and we would love to purchase one of her original pieces one day.


This is an interesting photograph given to my parents by friend, Les Gaelen. Les is a retired doctor who loves to photograph unique subject matters. Just love this picture!

IMG_2725Another of Les’s pieces. I have always loved daffodils and find this picture endearing!


Last but not least is a recent picture that Byron took while we walked in the woods at Nickerson State Park. Byron captured nature’s magical light and beauty.

Looking forward to getting settled in our new home at the Captain Freeman! As a way of celebrating we have decided to do a Grand Opening winter special for the months of February and March. All rooms at both inns will be $149 and all of our spa services will be 10% off.

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