Our little slice of heaven on Cape Cod

by Donna Cain

We have had Brewster by the Sea Bed and Breakfast for over 11 years now. Time sure does fly, as it seems like just yesterday that we moved to our lovely town of Brewster on Cape Cod to be innkeepers.


The summer is always our busiest time with almost all of our rooms full from June- August. We changed up our normal routine this summer as our innkeeper’s visa for the Captain Freeman was denied last minute. We were not able to find a good replacement so Byron and I  decided that the best option was to “divide and conquer” -which included Byron being the innkeeper at Brewster by the Sea and Donna innkeeping at the Freeman. It’s actually worked out quite well, and we have had a great summer with happy guests at both properties.

The only part of this “divide and conquer” plan was that Byron and I have not spent much time together as I leave early in the morning, around 5:30am to help prepare for breakfast and come home around 7pm after all of the new arrivals are settled in for the evening. We had to laugh when one of our spa therapists very seriously asked Byron if we were separated as she had not seen me all summer:)

The other day I came home to Brewster by the Sea and was thinking what I was going to prepare for dinner. I walked into our main gathering room and was greeted by a guest that said to me- “you know, we are so happy and relaxed at your inn and your breakfasts are a feast to behold every morning”



I thanked him, and we had a nice chat about their afternoon.

I then walked out through our beautiful alfresco dining area to go to our garden and another guest came up to me and said “Thank you for providing such a perfect spot to reconnect with my husband”


As I walked through our back gardens I realized that I had not taken a moment all summer to appreciate the beauty that surrounds our home- Brewster by the Sea. It is such a magical spot, and I remembered that we had once said that this was our little slice of heaven. Taking a few moments and not thinking about what was left to be done made me realize that this spot in our little sea captain’s town of Brewster, really is something quite special!

Here’s to taking a few moments each day to appreciate our surroundings and to be thankful for what we have.

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