Top 10 Clam Chowder restaurants on Cape Cod

by Donna Cain

Everyone loves a good cup of clam chowder. We continually enjoy  listening to  our guest’s  talk about their dining experiences. It’s always a chuckle when guests go on an adventure to find the best cup of chowder during their stay on Cape Cod.

Listed below are the 10 Reader’s Pick for Best Clam Chowder by the Cape Cod Times.


1. Captain Parker’s Pub in West Yarmouth. Captain Parker’s has a great cup of chowder and they continually receive awards for their recipe. It’s chuck full of fresh clams and is very creamy and flavorful.

2. The Lobster Pot in P’Town. We always recommend to our guests that they have a casual lunch or dinner at this great restaurant after their whale watching adventures. This restaurant has fresh lobster and great a great picnic style atmosphere. The views on the second floor are lovely vistas of the P’Town harbor.


p.s. this photo was taken by Byron from the top of the Pilgrim Monument- a must see during your visit to P’Town

3. The Skipper Restaurant and Chowder House in South Yarmouth

4. The Chatham Squire, Chatham- This is a really fun place to dine. Pubby style food and great chowder.

5. Marshland Restaurant in Sandwich

6. Kream n Kone in Dennis. My Mom and I use to stop at this restaurant for a soft ice-cream when we came home from getting our hair done. A wonderful tradition that will be forever in my mind.

7. P.J’s Family Restaurant in Wellfleet. We have guests that come every year and rave about the fried clams form this restaurant.

8. Moby Dick’s in Wellfleet- great restaurant with wonderful chowder and fried food.

9. Land Ho! in Orleans. We love this restaurant and dine here year rounds. Their chowder really is fabulous.

10. The Black Cat tavern in Hyannis. Have not ever dined here but have just added it to the list.

Here’s to a wonderful summer on Cape Cod with a steamy cup of hot chowder.


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