New Sound Therapy available for Brewster by the Sea Guests

by Donna Cain

Many of our guests staying at Brewster by the Sea enjoy our in house spa which includes couples massages and facials. At one time, we had a therapist who specialized in Reiki and with her guidance we created a deluxe healing package of massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, crystal healing and reflexology. The service was very popular, and we were saddened when Johanne left to pursue a teaching position. Recently I was approached by our dear friend, Faith Lavender to experience her new vibration therapy at her home studio which is very close to our inn. Since Faith is an interfaith Minister and performs all of our wedding ceremonies, I never associated her with healing, massage and Reiki. No words can properly describe my afternoon experience but suffice it to say, I was so taken by the experience that we have put together several packages for our guests to enjoy in Faith’s studio.

I recently described Faith to one of our brides as a “people whisperer”.  She is a loving, soft, talented human being who has a God given talent to bring peace and serenity to everyone she meets. Over the holidays we met for tea at Brewster by the Sea, and Faith described her new vibration table and how excited she was to be on the leading edge of a service that provides health and vitality as well as relaxation. The science is facinating and is noted below from Faith’s brochure:

VAST for short means Vibro Acoustic Sound Therapy

“The world of science is constantly evolving and changing, impacting our lives and how we view the world. New studies in physics reveals that everything in our physical universe has energy and further, that all energy has vibration which holds matter in specific form.

As human being, we are a perfect example of this living truth. Our bodies and all their complex systems are vibration that resonate at specify frequencies, making up our human anatomy. When in good health, these frequencies which make up our physical and energetic bodies operate in perfect harmony with one another, creating optimum health and vitality.

As beings of form and conscienceless, musical tones and frequencies have been scientifically proven to rebalance not only our physical bodies, but also have a noticeable impact on mental, emotional and spiritual states of well being.

Vibro acoustics is defined as “the process of hearing sound vibrations through the body”  This is accomplished through specifically constructed treatment tables that are equipped with powerful speakers designed tallow vibrations and frequencies to enter the body with optimal psychological and physical impact.

Vibro acoustic music resonates the body directly through nerves, skin and bones. Based on multiple transducers built into the treatment table, located under the upper back, mid -back and legs, the sound and vibration is not directed into the ears; instead they are felt directly by the body. The sound travels up and down the body affecting all the internal organs along the way.

VAST Therapy has been documented to stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress, anxiety and its analgesic effect aids in pain management. It also lowers blood pressure and calms the autonomic nervous system. It provides surface and deep tissue effects. “

When you first meet with Faith she will discuss your overall health and if you have any problem areas. She explained that her therapy can be tailored to each of her client’s needs. I had been feeling some muscle pain in my upper arms so she targeted this area with additional Reiki.  She also can target different needs of her clients by choosing specially calibrated CD’s (music) that targets specific issues such as stress, anxiety, stimulating specific organs or nerves and ligaments, aligning and balancing the chakras, or awakening the conscienceless.


The session begins with the client laying fulling clothed on the VAST Table. I took off my belt and jewelry to be more comfortable. The table actually looks like the massage tables in our spa at Brewster by the Sea. As you lie on the table you can hear slight vibrations with soothing tones that pass through your cloths and blanket to your skin, tissues, cells and bones. “The vibrations permeate the body, engaging the body to create a sympathetic resonance with the energy frequency waves provided on the CD”. While you are on the table Faith applies a gentle massage/acupressure with Reiki (hands on healing), polarity energy balancing,


aroma therapy
and crystal healing.


I purposefully kept bringing back my thoughts to my breathing when the session began as my mind tends to easily think back to the inn.  By the end of the session with Faith, my mind was totally relaxed and in a Zen like state. It was almost like I had taken a restful nap where my mind was totally quiet. (That is a rare state for me)

Faith comes with a wonderful background that is both spiritual and science based. Listed below are her certificates of training:

1990 Graduate of the Dove Star School of Massage

1991 Certified Reiki master

Certified Polarity Energy balancing

 2003 Graduate of the Still Point Institute of Advanced Energy Healing

She is also was ordained in 2000 at St John the Divine as an interfaith minister.

We have put together 3 wonderful packages for our guests to enjoy. Advance reservations are needed and Faith’s office and studio is just a few minute drive from the inn.

 Relaxation Inner Body Vibration Massage with Reiki–  6o minute $99    90 minute- $150

Zen 2 hour Bliss service– $199   A peaceful, restorative service that includes a Relaxation Inner Body Vibration Massage, Polarity Energy Balancing, acu-preassure, Reiki, foot massage with reflexology, aromatherapy, crystal healing with the Relaxation Inner Body Vibration Massage and a oneness blessing. This service is  very soothing and relaxing while providing natural healing to all parts of your body.

Couples 2 hour Vibration Massage with Reiki-  $199  A unique service that allows couples to share a peaceful and healthy massage. This service allows one spouse to enjoy a 60 minute massage while the other loved one relaxes in the spa room. The additional 60 minutes allows the other to enjoy the same service. The service ends with a couples oneness blessing.

Spirtual Counseling and Mentoring– $99 per hour- For those couples or as a single person, relax in a safe environment to talk with Faith about any life issues you may have. She has a gift to look at life in a very positive, healthy way.

We feel so blessed to have Faith as a friend, minister for our couples and now as a holistic healer.

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