5 Favorite Ice Cream Parlors

by Donna Cain, Innkeeper and owner


I have always loved IceCream. I have distant memories of my side job in college working at an old fashion Ice Cream parlor in Newton. I think it was called Brighams Ice Cream and they made all sorts of fun sundaes and floats. I became an ice cream expert! (I just did a google search and was sad to learn that that last Brighams Ice Cream closed last year after being in business for 99 years.)


As I get older I just can’t eat as much ice cream as I’d like but hey….life is too short to totally deprive oneself from simple life pleasures of eating an old fashion ice cream cone or sundae. So this post is dedicated to all of our favorite spots on Cape Cod.


1. Smugglers in Dennis is within walking distance of the Cape Museum of Art and Cape Cod Theater and makes for a wonderful nighttime snack after enjoying a play or movie. They have wonderful frozen yogurt and ice-cream with flavors such as Chocolate Almond and Coffee Oreo, Apple Pie and French Raspberry Truffle. I like their old fashion coffee which is so rich and flavorful.

Cape Cod Creamery

Picture courtesy: Cape Cod Creamery Web Site

2. Cape Cod Creamery in South Yarmouth has the most creamy and flavorful ice-cream with creative flavors such as Barnstable Banana Foster, Nauset Peach and Chappaquiddick Chocolate Chip is delectably filled with chunky chocolate chips. Just the way we like it. And if you can’t decide on a flavor, why not try a sampler of six flavors? If you’d like to make a meal out of ice cream, this is the place to do it.


Picture Courtesy: Chocolate Sparrow Web Site

3. Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans. The Sparrow has wonderful coffee, sandwiches and ice-cream. I love their chocolate sundaes or their special chocolate lattes

4. JT’s in Brewster– when you are in the mood for a perfect plate of fried clams finished off with a perfect ice cream cone this is the perfect place for you. Well run with true Clam Shack staples.

Picture courtesy: Sundae School Web Site

Picture courtesy: Sundae School Web Site

5. Sundae School Ice Cream in Dennis Port is a Cape Cod landmark. I remember talking to a guest that purchased a home just because the Sundae School was just down the street…..now that’s a true ice-cream lover. A Cape Cod landmark to many followers, with 30 flavors to choose from including
the classic Oreo Crunch, Black Raspberry, or the perfect “breakfast” ice cream—Grapenut (vanilla ice cream with Grapenut cereal). They also have great  frappes, floats, and your choice of mini or giant banana split.

Hard to choose a favorite as each is unique and wonderful in their own ways. We love hearing stories from our guests staying at Brewster by the Sea of their ice cream experiences. Exhaling on Cape Cod at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast.

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