Summer is here at Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa

by Donna Cain, Innkeeper and owner

Every spring I am energized by all of our gardens at our beautiful inn on Cape Cod, Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa. There is something very magical about watching a  plant rebirth every year. Last spring I did a similar post but after walking around our property today, I knew I had to share again what makes Brewster by the Sea a little slice of heaven on Cape Cod.


Our family has always loved peonies and a couple of years ago we were thrilled to see a peony tree at our local nursery. This one is planted beside our gazebo and is a deep rose. I am tempted to cut some of the blooms to bring in for a bouquet but it is so stately beside the pool that I may just leave the lovely flowerss for everyone to enjoy outside.


Hostas are such a great plant to fill in below higher plants. We have Hosta all around Brewster by the Sea and have found it to be a very low maintenance plant.

French lilacs

French lilacs

These lilacs were transplanted from my mother’s garden back in the Berkshires. It was just a small plant 10 years ago and now look! Lilacs have such a heavenly scent. I was checking in some guests today and as we walked past this area they both commented about the wonderful scent that filled the air.

New lilac bush

New lilac bush

This is a baby lilac that we transplanted two years ago from the plant shown above. Brewster by the Sea has very fertile soil as this use to be an asparagus farm. We are continually amazed at how wonderful the soil is at our inn and how quickly plants thrive in our gardens.


I have always loved ferns and always smile when I walk past our fern garden in the back of our property. It is partly shaded and the ferns grow happily beside our rocking chairs.


My mom always loved geraniums, and I enjoy planting them in our window boxes. This year’s geraniums are a deep rose color that contrasts perfectly with the green spikes.


Our pool is officially open and the hydrangeas that flank the pool are budded and pruned. Let summer begin!


This rhode is under our apple tree and is a beautiful combination of pink and white.


I just had to include pictures of our vegetable garden. I was especially pleased this year as I just planted the seeds last week and they are already started to sprout. So far I planted carrots, parsley, dill, beans, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and basil.


I remember this plant growing on the side of our home in the Berkshires. It reminds me of a sweet old fashion plant that my grandmother would have grown.

Our perennial garden is also starting to come alive with color.


I¬†always forget it’s name and will have to look up in my flower book.

Exhaling on Cape Cod and wishing all of our guests a peaceful summer filled with lots lot fresh vegetables and colorful flowers.

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