World will be the Cape’s oyster in 2015

or so quoted by Doug Fraser in the Cape Cod Times.


Brewster Fish House Oysters

Brewster Fish House Oysters

I was excited to read that Cape Cod has been chosen to host the sixth annual International Oyster Symposium in 2015. Our area has seen tremendous growth  with shell fishing and aquaculturists landing 2.9 million pounds of oysters worth $6.97 million in 2012 and growing to 4.1 million pounds worth 11.6 million in 2013.

Plans are still being worked out but what we do know is that the symposiums will bookend a Cape Cod Oyster week that would kick off with the popular Wellfleet Oyster Festival in October 2015. The Symposium will largely take place on the Upper Cape with the scientific research centers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Marine Biological Laboratory participating. The oyster society will put out requests for scientific papers to be submitted to a reading committee for selection of what will be presented at the symposium.

The  World Oyster Society was established in 2005 to promote the sustainable growing of oysters, improve public knowledge of oysters, work on exploring how oysters can improve coastal water quality and the role of natural beds and cultured oysters in the biodiversity of coastal ecosystems. It has more than 400 members in 18 countries with significant aquaculture industries including Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, Canada, France and the U.S.

We love to recommend that our guests enjoy local oyster’s at the Brewster Fish House in Brewster or Fin in Dennis. Both are close to Brewster by the Sea Inn and the oysters are always fresh and delicious! Here’s to a summer filled with many meals of local Cape Cod Oysters.

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