It’s all about Harrison at our two Cape Cod Bed and Breakfasts


Harrison just celebrated his 8th birthday last month. Time sure does fly, as it seems like just yesterday when we drove to New Hampshire to pick him up as a puppy.

Today we drove through the bank drive through, and Harrison was  anxiously waiting out the back window  for the teller to send his goody through the  drawer. She just smiled, gave him another, and said, “he has just made my day!”. As we were driving away we both just chuckled and said “It’s all about Harrison”

Byron and I share a queen size bed and honestly at night I sometimes think Harrison has more of the bed than the two of us:) That’s OK……shown below is Nanna sharing the bed with Harrison.

Nanna with Harrison

Nanna with Harrison

The holidays were extra special this year as we had all of the kids home, and Nanna and Aunt Carrie were in fairly good health. Our daughter April and husband Matt just got a new Labradoodle themselves called Olive. She is a sweetheart and got along very well with Harrison.

Nathan playing with Harrison

Nathan playing with Harrison

We always laugh at Harrison’s long legs and how he gets comfortable at night.

I think our all time favorite pastime is to walk the beach with Harrison. He is not allowed on the beach during the high season so we always love to walk daily in the winter.


The one thing I cherish about Harrison is his ability to love everything and everyone around him. Harrison just wags his tail when you look at him, and he seems to sense when your having a bad day and to follow you around until you just have to hug him.

Thank you Harrison for being such a great mascot for our two inns, Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa and the Captain Freeman Inn and for loving us so unconditionally.

Happy New Years to all of our family and friends and may your life be filled with loving four pawed creatures that are God’s gift from heaven.

Harrison and Donna on Nauset beach

Harrison and Donna on Nauset beach

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