Christmas blessings at Brewster by the Sea

By Donna Cain, Innkeeper and mom

We have been busy for the past few weeks getting both of our inns, Brewster by the Sea and the Captain Freeman Inn ready for the holidays. This year we decided to take some family time at Brewster by the Sea and have our regular guests stay at the Freeman. Everything has worked out so perfectly, and I realized today how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful area and also what a special place Brewster by the Sea is.  All of the kids and family chose which room they would like, and we added all of the leaves to our  dining table so that everyone would be comfortable around the table where we like to linger after our family meals.


We always use to have a live tree when the kids were little, and we decided to do it the old fashion way this year. There is a wonderful fresh outdoor scent in our living room….heavenly!

Family tree

Family tree

Tradition is very important to our family and so I have included some of our favorites in this blog:
This Santa was given to me years ago by my dear friend Delphine who lives in Austin. We went to school together and every Christmas I always think back to my younger years that we shared together at Foxhollow. This handsome Santa always sits on our cocktail table.


I saw these guys in a catalog this year and for some strange reason they spoke to me. I recently read that we have a surplus of spotted white owls on the Cape this winter, and I am hoping we will see one during our beach walks over the holiday.

Wood carving

Wood carving

Every year I place this Santa hat on this gentleman. It is a beautiful woodcarving that my mother and father purchased for my grandfather before I was born. Needless to say it is VERY old and very precious to me.


My all time favorite cookie is filled with dates, apricots, raisons and nuts. The kids have never been too fond of this cookie which is fine with Nanna and Aunt Carrie as it leaves more for us to enjoy with our afternoon cup of tea:)


My mother made this tree in a ceramic class that she took when I was a little girl. It has an old fashion light bulb in the center, and I have always enjoyed it’s sparkle and colorful lights.


We use to buy the large box of assorted chocolates at Christmas time and everyone would argue over the coconut filling. I was so tickled when Russell Stover came up with a box filled only with coconut!

Wishing all of our family a friends a very Merry Christmas and may your year be filled with plenty of family time, good health and happiness.

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  1. Looks like you’re having a wonderful Christmas. We just bought ourselves a Victorian mahogany table with leaves and clever winding mechanism – ideal for the big family get-togethers like this.

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