Our little slice of heaven on Cape Cod


Every time I walk in our backyard I just have to smile. It truly is a little slice of heaven, especially during the summer months when the hydrangeas are in full bloom around our beautiful pool. I especially enjoy spending time tending to the vegetable and flower gardens.  We always seem to have a wonderful Cape Cod bay breeze and one is always serenaded by the many song birds we have living in the near bye woods. One guest commented that she was surprised that our birds started singing at 3 am in the morning, before sunlight. I had never really noticed but made a mental note to listen the next morning. Sure enough the birds do start singing early which is a nice way to wake up. We are blessed to have a nice assortment of birds that enjoy the deserted cranberry bog that is behind us.

Pure relaxation at Brewster by the Sea!

Pure relaxation at Brewster by the Sea!

Cape Cod is known for our beaches and many of our summer guests will venture off to the National Seashore or Bay beaches after breakfast. During the heat of the day many come back to the pool to enjoy a glass of lavender lemonade and the afternoon tea while they relax by pool. Some go for a swim, or relax on the pool floats, but most find a quiet corner, under an umbrella, in a nice comfortable chair and fall asleep or read a good book…….now that’s a relaxing vacation at Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa

Happy Summer!

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