Brewster Bed and Breakfast Summer Check List

Has summer really come to Cape Cod? Let me get my check list out.


1. Whales arrived for summer whale watching. Check. A guest recently reported that they saw over a dozen whales during their trip out of P’Town.

2. Summer clothes brought down from the attic along with our flip flops. Check

3. Pool open and painted at Brewster by the Sea. Check

Fresh mulsh

Fresh mulsh

4. Gardens all weeded and mulched (thanks Antonio) Check

5. Guest rooms spring cleaned. Check

6. All of our favorite restaurants and clam shacks open. Check


7. Most of the beaches repaired from the winter storms. Check


8. New menus and recipes in place for our summer dining. Check


9. Harrison has a summer haircut. Check

10. Tomatoes planted. Check

11. Beach towels brought down from the attic. Check

12. Donna and Byron are rested and ready for the summer season. Check

A dozen reason to come and stay at Brewster by the Sea or the Captain Freeman Inn. Summer is such a special season on Cape Cod!

1 thought on “Brewster Bed and Breakfast Summer Check List

  1. Love you both. Our visit was one of if not the best time we have had in our 53 years together. One day I hope we can return. Our wishes for a great season. Joanna and Jim Anderson

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