Happy ending at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfasts

by Donna Cain, innkeeper and owner

I  have been a busy bee these last few months testing and experimenting with new breakfast and tea recipes for our two Cape Cod Bed and Breakfasts, Brewster by the Sea Inn and  Spa and Captain Freeman Inn. We have always said that breakfasts at our two inns are a special time and this morning was extra sweet!

My weekend experiments included Blackberry Crumb cake that I served for tea on Saturday, Tomato Tart for the first course on Sunday, and last but not least the “Happy Ending” for our Sunday breakfast at Brewster by the Sea that included a spectacular Oatmeal Creme Brûlée.

All three were a huge success and definite keepers for our summer menus. The Blackberry Crumb Cake was moist and the blackberries added a unique sweetness. The Tomato Tart was out of this world. I could not help but notice how quickly all of our guests ate their savory treat.

Tomato Tart

Tomato Tart

As I was tasting a bite of the tart I could not help but think about my summer tomatoes and basil….this dish will be extra delicious when the tomatoes and herbs are fresh from our gardens in August.

And on to our “Happy Ending” at Brewster by the Sea, I have always loved Creme Brulee and frequently order it when we dine out. I have always been intrigued by Oatmeal Creme Brule but felt that is would be too sweet to serve at breakfast. I recently found a recipe that was printed in the New York Times. I have always enjoyed the recipes that they choose and thought I would give it a try…after all oatmeal is good for us, right? Since it was a sweet dish I decided to serve it at the end of our guest’s breakfast meal. I grew up with Friendly’s Ice Cream and have fond memories of their “Happy Endings” which of course included an ice cream sundae. It felt appropriate to call the Creme Brulee our “Happy Ending” at Brewster by the Sea. I was so tickled with our guest’s response.

Happy ending at Brewster by the Sea

Happy ending at Brewster by the Sea

They all loved it, and what I decided to do for future breakfasts was to serve one dish for each table to share. Just a few bites of this sweet dish is a perfect way to start your day and to have a happy ending to a great breakfast.

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