Brewster by the Sea Cookies are in Bacelona

Brewster by the Sea Cookies in Barcelona

Brewster by the Sea Cookies in Barcelona

We love our   Molasses cookie at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast, Brewster by the Sea. We have made thousands over the years and our guests always seem t0 enjoy the old fashion flavors. As we are checking in guests and showing them the cookie jar, I tell them that it is bottomless unless they raid the jar at night when I am sleeping:)

Our parting gift to our guests includes 2 cookies that we ask them to take home and place in the freezer. When they go someplace worldly or special we ask that they take a picture of the cookie and tell us about where they are. Our worldly cookies recently went to Barcelona… special!
Shown below are the details:

“We are writing to you from lovely Barcelona. We had big plans for our cookies, having stored them in the freezer since our wonderful stay at your inn in November.

We flew to Milan on Valentines Day, to spend 4 days. Unfortunately, our luggage didn’t arrive with us. By the time it was delivered to us 2.5 days later, the cookies were a little worse for wear. In fact, the pieces that broke seemed to have morphed and we couldn’t even assemble one whole cookie from what was left. Undaunted, we set out for the duomo de Milano so that we could capture this photo to send your way.

We wanted to do another picturesque photo here in Barcelona, as well as in our final stop, Amsterdam….but it became clear that the cookies would not survive such adventures. We will have to come back to visit again so that we can get more cookies for future travels. ”

Thank you Jody and Tony. What a wonderful photo!

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