What I know about breakfasts at Brewster by the Sea

We have been making breakfast for our guests staying at Brewster by the Sea for 9+ years now. We inherited several good recipes and have been adding new ones every year. This winter we decided to test many new recipes so that we could have a totally new menu rotation for our guests this summer. (with a few old time favorites staying such as our Brewster by the Sea Buttermilk Pancakes) We have many repeat guests that stay with us for 7+ days and we always like to have a new menu for them each day…. so the reason for having a 14 day menu rotation.


I have been busy perusing all of my old cookbooks and binders that I always keep of new recipes I haven’t tried yet. With so many new recipes being on the internet, I also have many book marked to try at a latter date.  This morning I gathered in my mind what our general breakfast philosophy is about and what I know I want our breakfasts to include.

Listed below in no particular order is what I know:

1. Home made breakfasts are the key– All of our breakfasts are homemade with just one exception- every Saturday we purchase croissants from Pain D’Avignon bakery in Hyannis. I have made my own croissants before but cannot come close to these professional flaky croissants.  I recently attended a food show and tested several pre made muffins and bakery goods. The difference between my homemade scones and muffins was astounding and made me realize there is nothing like homemade using fresh ingredients.

2. Great breakfasts include the freshest most local ingredients that can be found. Our guests love our homemade raspberry and strawberry jam. The raspberries are grown on our property and usually made into jam the same day that they are picked…..now that’s fresh!

3.  All of our guests love fresh seasonal fruit that is served when it is ripe!breakfast-20110704-0757
It is so important to let the melons or pineapple ripen as they can be tasteless before they are ready.

4. We have some guests that look forward to a really sweet breakfast but most these days want a flavorful savory breakfast that includes eggs. My main focus this winter has been to create some fun new egg dishes such as savory crepes or creative omelets. We have also decided to offer guests either a sweet breakfast or a savory each morning.

5. I really like to use fresh herbs! In the summer months we always have fresh mint, parsley, dill, chives and thyme in both of the inn’s gardens. During the winter months I like to purchase fresh herbs from the produce area rather then using dry.

6.I don’t feel bad using lots of butter! Our family eats really healthy meals but when we are on vacation it always feels appropriate to splurge. Most of our guests love to sample our homemade treats for tea and to enjoy the homemade pastry or scone with their coffee or tea in the morning.

7. I recently made homemade sausage and was forever hooked. I used fresh chopped spices with just a little hint of red pepper. Guests love our Maple sausage but this is a nice alternative.

8. Savory muffins are a real treat! Bits of salty meat, flavorful vegetables, pungent cheese, herbs and spices, or even roasted garlic turn a traditional muffin into a wonderful savory breakfast experience.

9. All of our plates are not totally filled with food! I like to have a pretty plate…one that is garnished with fresh fruit or vegetables. After all we judge the quality and taste of the food first with our eyes.DSC00165

10. All of our breakfast dishes are served hot! We warm our plates and take many additional steps to make sure the food comes to you hot and not dried out. My Mom was a stickler about having her food hot and I am carrying on that tradition at both Brewster by the Sea and Captain Freeman Inn.

11. I love to make homemade bread! There is something very special about the smells of yeast breads baking in the oven.

12. Last but not least, the flavor of any dish comes from the quality of the ingredients. We strive to always buy the best possible quality and freshness that we can (buying or growing organic whenever possible)

Working on “Rediscovering Breakfast Number 6”-  Found a great recipe of Herb-Lemon Popovers  with fresh Thyme…served with herbed scrambled eggs and bacon . The popover can be sliced in half and filled with the flavorful eggs.  YUM!

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