Rediscovering Breakfast on Cape Cod- Breakfast #6

I am on a mission to find  new recipes for our guests staying at Brewster by the Sea and the Captain Freeman Inn. Todays test at Brewster by the Sea was Number six! (You can see other test breakfasts on the blog at Captain Freeman.)

Very happy with the results but realized that a new recipe has to be exceptional to make the cut. This morning’s menu included the following:

A toast for health with our new “Health tonic”

Fresh Pineapple with Blackberries

Herbed Eggs with Crispy Bacon

Served with a “test” Lemon Zest Popovers and our homemade Raspberry Jam.


The recipe tickled me as I have made many popovers for our family and guests but as these were baking it was clear that they were not “popping” from the pan. When I looked at the picture in the cookbook  it was clear that these came out correctly but were not hollow and light as I had envisioned. We decided that these were actually more like a popover muffin. The recipe called for fresh lemon zest, pepper and fresh thyme. That was a wonderful combination with the herbed eggs and a definite keeper.

Next time, I think I’ll use my regular popover recipe and add the lemon zest, pepper and thyme to make a perfect savory popover that is hollow in the middle:)

Needless to say not a morsel came back to the kitchen (Byron gobbled up the extras) so the recipe was a success…….with  just a few changes for future breakfasts. After all, winters on Cape Cod are a perfect time to experiment for our summer dining when we are always full at Brewster by the Sea and Captain Freeman Inn.

Here’s to staying warm this winter and envisioning relaxing by our beautiful pool and gardens this summer!

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