Spruce up your holiday season with a little “swag”

By Donna Cain, Innkeeper and Owner

I  have always loved making homemade wreaths and have fond memories of my mother making dozens of beautiful round wreaths for the local town office’s doors in the little town I grew up in in the Berkshires, South Egremont. We always had a fresh tree from the local tree farm just down the road, and I remember vividly the smell of fresh evergreen as we were decorating the tree.

Since owning our bed and breakfast on Cape Cod, Brewster by the Sea and Captain Freeman Inn, we have had an imitation tree because the local fire chief asked all businesses not to have a fresh ones due to the fire hazard. We found a lovely “fake” tree as my husband likes to say that actually is beautiful and looks very close to a real one. I suddenly realized this week that while our tree is beautiful it really was missing the “smell”. Childhood memories came rushing back to me when a wonderful guest gave us a beautiful swag this past week. I immediately found a prefect home for the swag on a door in our Gathering Room at Brewster by the Sea. It was made from several different types of pine which is noted below, but the best part is the smell. As soon as you walk into our beautiful Gathering room at Brewster by the Sea you can smell the fresh scents of evergreen. Our tree is sparkling with lights and all of our favorite ornaments are abound AND the room smells like evergreen.

Holiday Swag

Holiday Swag

The beautiful swag was made with Frasier fur, White pine, White spruce, Oregonia, Magnolia leaves, Wing bark, glittered pine cones, Mercury glass balls, Star fish, Lepto Sperum and a beautiful burlap bow.

Thank you, thank you for the wonderful gift and wishing everyone a peaceful, happy and healthy holiday filled with all the wonderful smells that the holidays bring.

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