Summer is here at Brewster By the Sea Inn and Spa

I absolutely LOVE our gardens at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast, Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa. Whenever I am having a hard day I can always take a few moments in the garden pulling weeding or admiring a new flower that just bloomed to feel better. There is something about getting your hands in the dirt that is so nurturing and satisfying.

As I was walking a new guest around our pool  and garden area  yesterday I explained that we always feel blessed to have such a beautiful yard to enjoy and share with our guests, and we like to describe it as our little slice of heaven. The guest just smiled and then we walked back further past a guest that had her feet in the pool, and she just looked at us and said we are in paradise!

I think sometimes we take for granted the beauty that we have around us every day. Just for today I decided to walk around with my camera and to take some snapshots of all the natural beauty at Brewster by the Sea. We are blessed indeed!

We have a beautiful Clivia plant in our Gathering room that use to be in my Mom’s home in the Berkshires. It’s a “mother” plant as my mom likes to say in that it is very old and has had many offshoots that have been repotted and given as gifts. It’s really a low maintenance house plant that blooms the most spectacular flower once a year. It lasts for about a week and this was our week to enjoy the beautiful flower.

I always love to plan the potted plants that are around the deck. This year I splurged and purchased some annual plants from White Flower Farms. They always seem to know the perfect combination of plants. This planter is just outside the sliders and is in a perfect location for guests to enjoy as they dine for breakfast.

The hydrangeas are especially beautiful this year. They are the most brilliant shade of blue and are loaded with buds. They really are at their peak this week.

We have always said in our family that the Daisy is a “Happy Flower”……a phrase that our daughters embraced after seeing  the movie, “You got Mail”. It certainly is a happy flower in our perennial garden this year.

When I can muster a free moment in the summer months I love to relax on one of our pool floats. This year we purchased two new pool floats…..Ahhhhh! now that is heaven!

We enjoy eating the produce from our plateful vegetable garden all summer long. This year we planted plenty of tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, parsley, dill, chives, spinach, beets, thyme and tons of mint to enjoy with our breakfast fruit. This spring the birds were eating all my seeds so our son Nathan thought this owl might help scare them away. We love to hear the birds in our yard but I must say I did not like them eating all of my hard work. I think the owl is actually helping as my recent planting seem to all take.

I plant batches of lettuce and spinach all summer long so we can enjoy fresh greens in our dinner salad and also in our breakfast omelets. A recent favorite is mushroom and sun dried tomato omelet with Gruyere cheese and garden greens. We have been enjoying these greens for weeks now.

This year we moved our spa full time into the old Emerson room which is air conditioned. We decided to decorate the old summer spa which was in our lovely gazebo with new seating. it’s a wonderful place to relax in the evening as it is well lighted and has comfortable seating.

Every year we buy a new Hibiscus plant. They blossom all summer long and are perfect on our dining deck.

I have always admired the English Garden look and smile this time of year as our perennial garden takes on that wild look…

This is the time for Lilies…we have one in our garden that is the most brilliant apricot color.

This year the Clemetis was especially beautiful.

Summer is here and the gardens at Brewster by the Sea are breathtaking!

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