Fine Dining in Brewster on Cape Cod

We LOVE to dine out and feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful dining spots in our little town of Brewster on Cape Cod. We have learned that almost always, the first question that guests ask us after arriving  at our two Cape Cod Bed and Breakfasts, Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa and Captain Freeman Inn, is where would you recommend that we dine? Most guests have traveled a ways to reach us, and it is always a pleasure to offer different dining options that are just a short drive away. Brewster is a small-town on Cape Cod that has only 5,000 + residents in the quiet season We always joke with our guests  that we have a General Store, a Mobil, and lots of quaint antique and art galleries in town. We are also very lucky to have a nice assortment of fine dining. Listed below in no particular order are some of our favorites:

The Brewster Fish House– well I guess I should confess that since I am listing this one first it really is my favorite. The Fish House is a small restaurant in Brewster that use to be an old fashion Fish market. There food is over the top delicious. No reservations year round, and we are always amazed at how long guests will wait in the summer months for a meal. The menu is very short, mostly fish with one chicken, beef and vegetarian option.  The fish is the freshest, most creative presentation that we have seen since living on Cape Cod. We were also impressed with the ambiance as soon as we arrived in Brewster over 8 years ago. In fact we were so impressed that we decided to create a similar feeling for our guests staying at our two inns, Brewster by the Sea and Captain Freeman Inn. It’s a casual atmosphere but you still feel like it is an elegant occasion.

Brewster Fish House on Cape Cod

Brewster Fish House on Cape Cod

The Bramble Inn is just a few steps from the Captain Freeman Inn. Ruth and Cliff are the owners/chef and have been doing this for many years. Their experience shows as the food is top notch and special. The restaurant is in a very old house on the first floor and includes several guest rooms above. They use to  serve 5 course meals but recently added a wonderful Bistro menu as well as light bar bites. On a busy night during the summer we love to dine in the bar and relax over a good glass of wine with their gourmet bar bites which last year included a delicious lobster macaroni and cheese.

The 5 star Chillingsworth is also in town and is a perfect place to dine for that special anniversary or special occasion. They have a more relaxed Bistro as well as there formal dining which includes 5 courses. The owner/chef  Nitze  was formally trained in France and knew Julia Child very well. The food is very  French and very delicious. I especially enjoy his Creme Brûlée.

I love to talk  about Peddlers, which is a very casual country French restaurant that is located on one of the side streets in Brewter.  The food is top notch quality and really is something you would find on a country road in France. The owner of Chillingsworth has commented that this is his favorite place to dine. Quite a compliment!

Here is to having a wonderful meal with your loved one for your special getaway on Cape Cod.

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