14 things I Love About Fall

I love fall on Cape Cod! We are blessed to have a beautiful bed and breakfast here on the Cape, Brewster by the Sea Inn. We have had a great summer season, thanks  to our dedicated and talented employees, and have had the pleasure of meeting many new guests at the new inn. After Labor day, we always breath a sigh of relief when business slows down enough for us to catch our breaths. My husband always teases me that he always dreads fall because I have this new burst of energy to do new projects and he is always content to relax and catch up on his reading. So here are my thoughts in no particular order of why I love fall:

Donna & Harrison on Cape Cod Beaches

1. I love thinking about apples…apple pie, apple crisp, eating a nice fresh apple, apple sauce, apple tarts…Mnnnn!

2. For some crazy reason I love to clean my closets this time of year and organize all of my sweaters.

3. I love to walk on our favorite beach, Marconi Beach, at the National Seashore

4. I love the warm days and cool nights that always come with fall.

5. I love to make, smell and eat a good homemade savory soup in the fall. ( I love this new cookbook)

6. I love the way my perennial garden goes a little wild this time of  year and looks like an old fashion English garden.

7. I love to bring in a huge bouquet of dried hydrangeas from our garden.

8. I love to go pick out pumpkins and mums to decorate the yard.

9. I love to start putting all of our vegetable, herb  and flower gardens “to bed” for the winter.

10. I love to try new recipes for our guests.

11. I love to start thinking about fall cleaning and washing all the windows.

12. I love to watch our Cape Cod sunsets.

13. I love to go to my favorite restaurant, the Brewster Fish House and not have to wait for a table.

14. I love to start thinking aboutknitting again and what pattern I am going to  do.

And lastly, I love fall because this wonderful season always reminds me of the importance of staying in the present, being happy with what we have and taking the time to be close with our loved ones.

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