Thanks and Thanksgiving on Cape Cod

This afternoon we had the pleasure of taking a relaxed Cape Cod Beach walk on Corporation Beach in Dennis with our dog Harrison. A leisurely walk with a simple Thanksgiving meal to follow since all of our kids are away. We are “happily full” this Thanksgiving at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast and our guests were all out for their own family festivities. As we walked hand in hand we agreed that this day is really about being thankful and that we are so blessed to be able to meditate on that theme.

We are thankful that our children and loved ones are healthy and happy and that we have each other. That thought became so clear remembering the call we just received from our daughter April after she was in a auto accident coming across country with her boyfriend. Her truck was totaled when they dodged a tree trunk in the highway and their vehicle rolled with the U-Haul attached behind. Thankfully, both walked away without bruises and scrapes. We are thankful of the natural beauty that surrounds us on Cape Cod. We have a beautiful wind mill across the street from our inn and have breathtaking beaches close by. We are thankful that our inn remains busy through this recession and that we have been full these past few weeks.

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